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Gardiner Plumbing have been drain laying for over 30 years to the highest standards. Our professional and experienced team are happy to assist you in every way possible whether it be for
  • Residential
  • Commercial
  • New
  • Old
Your drains are working everyday without being noticed, until there is an issue, that’s when you need to call us.

AirTech™ Systems

We also specialise in AirTech™ Effluent Systems made by RX Plastics in New Zealand.
The AirTech™ system is an efficient, lightweight sewage treatment plant that safely and effectively processes your disposable* household sewage and wastewater. The unit recycles it as clear, odourless, nutrient enriched water to irrigate landscape, shelterbelt, coppice wood lots or existing planted areas. For the environmentally minded this means that the sewage and wastewater is treated on the property where it is produced and then recycled for reuse with little environmental impact on the land.
  • A polyethylene, high strength, NZ designed and manufactured, in ground septic tank for all types of ground conditions and rated to 2.1 sg soil loading (wet clay)
  • Certified to both AX/NZS 4766 - polyethene storage tanks for wastewater and chemicals and AS/NZS 1546.1 - on site domestic wastewater treatment facilities
  • The geometric shape allows for maximum strength under compression while also offering the advantage of anti-floatation for wet areas
  • Packages will be internally plumbed up to the outlet
  • Inlet 100mm / outlet 100mm
For further information please visit the AirTech™ website
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