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Ever thought of the benefits of harnessing the sun to power your hot water heating? Solar systems are becoming more popular than before, especially with electricity charges on the rise. NZ Solar systems have been tested to NZ standards. They have excellent thermal, high operating temperatures, all-weather application and very high reliability. Why would you not trust a product that has been tested in good working order at temperatures as low as -50°C?

Solar Hot Water Systems – Evacuated Tube

  • Value for money heating of water compared to electricity
  • Environmentally friendly, sustainable and smart
  • Clean, green and affordable
  • Harness the sun – it's free
  • Electricity prices keep rising
  • Highly Efficient
  • Long Service Life

Solar Systems – Photovoltaic Energy On or Off the Grid

  • Value for money heating of water compared to electricity
  • Reduce the cost of power
  • Can either be grid tied or not
  • NZ Solar products are fully certified to meet NZ standards
  • Environmentally friendly, sustainable and smart
  • Guaranteed, reliable
  • NZ Solar panels carry a 25 year output warranty and a 10 year product warranty

Solar Hot Water Heating – Swimming Pools

The problem is familiar. An outdoor swimming pool that is not heated is only really comfortably warm for short period at the height of summer – very little when you think of all the investment and maintenance you put into it.
An indoor swimming pool has to be heated all the year round, even in the middle of summer. Heating a swimming pool using conventional means of energy can be a costly business, and is also a load on the environment. But the heating of swimming pools is an ideal application for solar energy. Enjoy a well-tempered swimming pool with Alpha Eco solar heating.

Solar Hot Water Systems – Dairy Farms

Dairy farms use huge amounts of water, why not save some money and convert to Solar Hot Water. The amount of panels required will be determined on the amount of hot water required. Why not give us a ring and we can discuss your requirements. We are happy to show you a dairy farm up and running.
Solar panel on commercial building Solar panel on residential building Solar panel on commercial building